Our extensive masonry portfolio.




Retaining Walls


The assembling of a structure using individual stones, bricks or tiles is known as masonry. These units create a strong formation when connected. Long Island masonry services by Condos Brothers include pools, bbq pits, piers, veneers, retaining walls, stoops, pathways and more. Masonry is actually cost-effective. A structure created by a Nassau County masonry service does not need much maintenance because the materials used are durable.

Historical Masonry

Early masonry structures include the pyramids in Egypt, temples in Greece and amphitheaters in Rome. The Medieval era in Europe saw masonry raised to a new level of development as people created large elaborate structures of stone. Castles and churches were common projects for masonry workers in medieval times. At the time of the industrial revolution in Europe and the United States, advanced calculations were integrated for building masonry arches. A type of cement mortar surfaced called Portland. This allowed for increased strength in buildings. By the early 1900s, tall city buildings need metal frames of metal instead of masonry walls which could only be assembled at lower heights.