Inground Pools Suffolk County

Suffolk County Inground Pool

Proper maintenance for clean inground swimming pool.

  • Inspect water chemistry two or three times a week
  • Check water level so that it is high enough to interact with skimmer filter
  • Remove hair – if a dog keeps going in pool, this can cause serious clogs. Dogs are wonderful animals, but those hairs can do damage!
  • Be sure that all pumps and filters are operating smoothly

See the pool in photo at right. The water is sparkling clean!

Amazing time-lapse of inground pool installation!

Contractor scams

Be sure to shop around to get a practical idea of the costs of inground pool installation. Shady companies may quote you one price and then later inform you that extra fees will be charged. Or they may simply take their time and leave you stuck with a mess in your backyard.




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