Inground Pools

Advantages of a Long Island inground pool installation:

  • Options for different shapes, sizes, depths
  • Options for Nassau County inground installation material (concrete, vinyl, fibreglass)
  • Provides immediate convenience with no need to travel, saving on gas for vehicle
  • The strength of a Suffolk County inground pool needs less maintenance than those above ground
  • Visually appealing, especially with a lush landscape design that may feature a waterfall and shrubbery. This blends to create a private haven.

Always keep in mind that inground Suffolk County pools are subject to local town laws, so be sure to check if the construction will require permits. You may also need to assemble a fence. Consulting with experts will guarantee the project is safely completed.


The late 1800s is when the first swimming pool was created. This was found in the Northeast United States. The debut inground pool for residential enjoyment was in North Carolina at a Vanderbilt property, in the 1890s.