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Driveway MaintenanceSuffolk County Driveway Paving

Asphalt doesn't look like much, but the hardened mixture still needs your help to stay healthy. Following paving and attentive maintenance to prevent cracks and potholes, a driveway can stay in great shape for a couple of decades.

Applying seal

Prior to coating a driveway with a seal, inspect for damage. Note in particular the edges. Cracks are more likely to be seen here. Wherever they are found, it’s best to repair imperfections and pot holes before the layering of the seal. Listen to me now and believe me later, those cracks will only get worse if left alone for too long.


One of the worst things ever to encounter while driving is a pothole. Merely filling the hole, especially when it's on a slope, may not permenantly solve the problem. Heavy rains and continuous usage by vehicles will eventually cause the filling to break up again. The real solution is a fresh Suffolk county driveway paving.

Paving Scams

This is even worse than potholes because it could end up costing you hundreds. A common swindle consists of people in a truck going door to door claiming they have extra asphalt. The reality is that they are completely unqualified, will only add a very thin layer to the driveway and overcharge you for an awful job. When it comes to paving, always confirm that the company is legitimate and will charge a fair price before any agreements. These “roving pavers” will steal as many dollars as possible and then leave town to find their next victims.


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