Driveway Paving Nassau County

Driveway Paving Nassau County

Tips for maintaining new asphalt driveways

Patience is key. Vehicles should remain off a newly paved Nassau county driveway for at least 12 hours. While the best time of year for the paving process is summer, hotter temperatures will require a longer drying period. Fresh asphalt may be tarnished by bicycles, chairs, or even pointed shoes. This is when a hoverboard comes in handy. Otherwise, if you absolutely must walk or ride a bike over the blacktop, be sure to place something flat and sturdy underneath these objects to avoid contact.

Hazardous liquids

These are best kept at a distance from the hot pavement. Not necessarily because the heat could cause chemicals to ignite, but because these liquids may permanently leave a stain. Transmission fluid, gas and oil are the common liquids of which to be aware. Though it could be months before any substantial damage is noticed, keeping tabs on leaks and spills will keep your pavement looking like new.


Five inches of asphalt equals a driveway with integrity. Four inches or less runs the risk of falling apart. Six inches will guarantee longer life while in contact with heavy vehicles. Not that the driveway strength should be tested by a tractor trailer.


A pothole in the asphalt means it’s time for a Nassau county driveway paving. The last thing anyone wants is a lawsuit because a neighbor stepped into a hole and was injured. But where does the term “pothole” originate? There is indeed a hole, though the “pot” is less obvious. One story going back hundreds of years originates during the Roman Empire. “Potters” would remove clumps of the road to use for pots. It turns out, however, that early Roman roads actually consisted of stone and sand. 

Drainage system

Unless you are looking to create a pond in your front yard, efficient drainage is fundamental. Water should flow to the street or to some type of drain. A swale (or depression) in the ground will collect the water to help manage runoff.


The optimal time to seal cracks is in the autumn. This is when the cracks have been the most expanded after a hot summer. Sealing the openings will prevent water from entering and random weeds from growing.  


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