Driveway Paving Long Island

Services range from installation of asphalt driveways to full maintenance and seal coat services.

Like any other section of a property, attentive care is worth the investment for a Long Island driveway. If ignored like an unwanted virtual friend request, the pavement will eventually yield cracks and pot holes from continuous vehicle contact and inclement weather. Keep in mind that asphalt (also known as blacktop) is best applied to a paving during warmer months of the year on a dry day. The material is sensitive to temperature, so the work will be completed before it cools.


Asphalt can be found organically in lakes and rock. The earliest documented asphalt road was in the Middle East, circa 600 B.C. Greeks in ancient times applied asphalt to their projects as well.


This is the key to laying asphalt. The mix used is heated to approximately 300*F depending on ingredients. If mix contains polymer modified, temperature will be raised. Asphalt cement only requires 200*F.


Asphalt driveways are more common in the northern United States. Towards the south, concrete is seen more frequently. This is because of differences in temperature cycles. During the coldest days, asphalt is more flexible and can better handle the freezing and thawing. A less obvious benefit of asphalt is the color. Black will heat up more than any other color and as a result will speed up the melting of snow. During the hottest days of summer you could try cooking an egg on blacktop but this is not recommended.

Condos Brothers serves Suffolk and Nassau County.